White Castle Blocks

On display in both Monmouth and Cheltenham Showrooms

There is nothing like a beautiful traditional block floor - it just never seems to go out of fashion.

Size 230 x 70 x 20 - classic size in solid.  Size 280 x 70 x 20.

Available in solid or engineered oak and usually fitted unfinished and then treated after fit.  All has to be done in house as individual blocks.  Can therefore offer a good range of colours and also styles:  Basket, Brick, Herringbone, Double Herringbone - as displayed in this photo.

Remember the subfloor has to be good for blocks and ATC are happy to carry out any preparation to subfloors to make them good.  If we have to self level we are happy to do this but the sub floor will need to dry out before the blocks can be fitted

This floor was a very tricky fit, we broke every rule in the book and it worked.  Very big area, all solid oak, glass roof and walls - so lots of sunlight and underflooring heating.  Careful consideration of all these factors were taken into account and it was amazing.  After fitting ATC applied white oil.  This was a great house to be working and return to as ten years previously we fitted a 200 year old oak floor in the main house.  The contrast of these two floors worked brilliantly.  This photo is solid oak, traditional block, fitted herringbone pattern, finished in white oil - we called it White Castle Block - but you can have any colour and give it a name!

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