Ted's Special Mix Block

This gorgeous block floor is from the Ted Todd range of sustainable engineered oak flooring and is on display in both Monmouth and Cheltenham showrooms

For years we have been fitting Ted Tod floors and started off with the Ted's Special Mix (Sherwood as they call it) in a board form, available in random or regular boards: widths 100, 160, 220mm  by 20mm thickness.  So a good substantial board.  The look and finish has proved to be so popular that the block followed.  This is a finished floor so no sanding or oiling in your home

Fitting of blocks must be onto a very good clean, dry subfloor - if any preparation is required ATC are happy to do this work - it is required for a block floor

Fitted in the traditional herringbone pattern, as on photograph.  The finish is a lovely, warm natural look on the face of the blocks with a darkened edge.  All finished in hardened oil and given a brushed treatment.  Fitting of blocks is more complicated than boards and best to use an expert - we love fitting block and patterned floors

The floor can be edged with a single or double border or allowed to flow (our favourite) straight under the skirting.  We also advise removing and refitting or undercutting skirtings.

You could combine blocks and boards in different rooms throughout the house.  If you need any advise on fitting, design or finishes please pop into either the Monmouth or Cheltenham Showrooms

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