Smooth Wheat

An engineered oak floor with a difference.  Beautiful soft undertones of greys and whites mixed up all from the Osmo range of colours.  Very hard to see from a photograph how beautiful this finish is - but luckily for you it is on display in both Monmouth and Cheltenham Showrooms for you to look at.  Please call in or phone for a private appointment out of hours.

Finished prior to delivery!  So no sanding or finishing in your home -  an outstanding quality finish.  Osmo is very easy to maintain and live with.   In the past all finishing was carried out in your home but ATC can now do this prior to delivery.  Remember we offer a full fitting service in Monmouthshire, South Wales, Cheltenham, Forest of Dean and all through Gloucestershire

Available in a good variety of widths - so you can have a random or regular width fit and a choice of thickness.  Good long sustainable oak boards.

This is a floor that the ATC carpenters recently fitted in Ealing - we have fitted for this customer before when we did sand and finish in her home, but she came back for more and was delighted that the Wheat finish was done at our base in Monmouth.  She told me that she absolutely loves this floor and would highly recommend us any time.  The other photos demonstrates a good way to disguise old steps in a local house in Llandogo.

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