Raw Cotton Block

Gorgeous block floor producing a lovely, slight worn - undulating textures and open grain patterns, clean and light look.  Perfect for fitting in Herringbone patterns.  Engineered herringbone oak blocks in nice long and skinny boards.

Size 450mm long by 90mm widths and all 15mm thickness

You do need a good subfloor for any block or board wood floor to be fitted to and ATC can advice on this.  We can do this work for you and then fit - so all in house.  The buck stops here!  All work guaranteed by ATC Floors and Doors

Raw Cotton is also available in gorgeous boards.  Perfect combination of boards in some rooms and blocks in the others.  Boards available as 190 or 220mm wide planks - you can mix to give a more random look.  20mm thickness.  If you want this product, but in a different colour please call in and see the range. Fleece is also a very good choice all the same specification

All Raw Cotton is finished in hardened oil and manufactured from European Oak and comes from Ted Todd so all the oak is sustainable from start to finish.  All finished in hardened oil, so no sanding or oiling in your home

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