Husk Block

On display in both Monmouth and Cheltenham showrooms - just call if you want to visit in or out of normal hours and we would love to show off our woods to you

European engineered sustainable oak flooring.  Available in boards and blocks and is proving to be one of our most popular dark oak blocks at the moment. This comes from the brilliant collection of Ted Todd flooring and is in their Warehouse range.  There is variation in colour from brown to black in places.  The oak, which is brushed, undulating and finished in hardened oiled prior to delivery, is ready to use straight after the fit.  So no sanding or oiling in your home.  ATC are partners of Ted Todd - who recommend us for fitting in Monmouthshire and Gloucestershire.  This means our floors are constructed for demanding environments and are guaranteed for a minimum of 20 years!!

Blocks available in 90 x 15 x 450mm for traditional herringbone fit.  This way of fitting (Herringbone) really displays the grain making it a stunning floor.

Boards 220mm wide x 20mm thickness.  Good long boards

The unusual undulation technique really gives depth and texture to this flooring

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