Distressed Old Duke

This sustainable oak flooring is available in both engineered and solid oak.

Distressed Finish:  This treatment gives a lovely, worn, welcome look.  The boards are distressed along the edges by hand, then marked on the face of the boards with chains and nails to make it look as if the oak has been there for a long time. At one time this was done by driving motorbikes over the floor dragging chains - think  health and safety put a stop to this!   It is simply the best example of Distressed Oak around.  Aged Duke is a natural oil finish that gives the oak a warm, rich and lived in feel and is very easy to  maintain. The first coat applied in-house by experienced ATC Finishers.  Engineered wood is perfect for underfloor heating.

The Old Duke is a lovely, warm and welcoming colour - ideal for this snooker room.  We have a floor in Monmouth finished in this, in the Fitters Kitchen that has been down for more than 20 years!  It looks great.  The Old Duke is also available in the Character or Smooth Grade in both boards and blocks.

Finishing:  If ATC fitting we would deliver with the first coat on, fit the floor and then ideally apply the final coat of clear oil which gives a perfect finish.  If you have your own Fitter we can either supply the oak with the first coat on and the oil for you to apply after the fitting.  ATC can advise on aftercare and maintenance - all products available from Showrooms or ATC Online Shop

Fixed Quotation:  ATC always will provide you with a fixed price wherever possible, so no hidden costs!  What we would need from you is an idea of where the property is, the size of the room/s, details on subfloor, situation with skirtings and we will ask a few other questions,

All the floors are on in display in Cheltenham and Monmouth:  We are happy to give you a private viewing if you cannot make the normal opening hours.


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