Character Flat White

This sustainable oak flooring is available in both engineered and solid oak.  On display in Monmouth and Cheltenham Showrooms.

Character Grade  We love this grade - it is how an oak floor should look!  There may be cracks, flecks and rays in the wood and variation in colour - this is what Character is.  Whether engineered or solid you will always get the response "What a beautiful oak floor".  Grading is always a staged process starting at selecting sustainable tree trunks, visual selecting of raw then finally after kiln-drying and production.  ATC offers oak in Prime (which is very clean and often referred to as Smooth), Character and Rustic.  Character grade makes a great floor and is our favourite for the natural, warm and welcoming range of Oak that we offer.

Flat White - This is where ATC first puts a light white oil as a basecoat.  Then when the top coat goes on the floor looks nearly natural - just has an undercurrent of white.  This stops the oak going orange over time. The first coat applied in-house by experienced ATC Finishers.  Perfect for situations that have a lot of natural light coming into the room.

The Flat White oak, as displayed in the main photograph on the right was fitted by ATC Floors and Doors in a house near Ledbury.  All the downstairs areas were done in Flat White.  The other photos relate to a house near Chepstow.  ATC did the hallway first, which the gorgeous stairs.  Then back to do the lower hall, the dining room - shown here with the white doors - all supplied and fitted by ATC.  Then the main Lounge - in fact we ran out of rooms in the house over the years!

Fixed Quotation:  ATC always will provide you with a fixed price wherever possible, so no hidden costs!  What we would need from you is an idea of where the property is, the size of the room/s, details on subfloor, situation with skirtings and we will ask a few other questions,  We always prefer to glue or nail and not float.

ATC offer a full supply, fitting and finishing service - all works carried out by ATC experienced carpenters and all work guaranteed for 10 years.  All the floors are on in display in Cheltenham and Monmouth:  We are happy to give you a private viewing if you cannot make the normal opening hours.


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