Character Flat White

This sustainable oak flooring is available in both engineered and solid oak.  On display in Monmouth and Cheltenham Showrooms. Please drop in or call for an out of hours appointment.

Character Grade  We love this grade - it is how an oak floor should look!  There may be cracks, flecks and rays in the wood and variation in colour but  this is what Character is!.  Whether engineered or solid we guarantee you will always get the response "What a beautiful oak floor".  Grading is always a staged process starting at selecting sustainable tree trunks, visual selecting of raw then finally after kiln-drying and production.  ATC offers oak in Prime (which is very clean and often referred to as Smooth), Character and Rustic.  Character grade makes a great floor and is our favourite for the natural, warm and welcoming range of Oak that we offer.

Flat White - This is where ATC first puts a light white oil as a basecoat.  Then when the top coat goes on the floor looks nearly natural - just has an undercurrent of white.  This stops the oak going orange over time. The first coat applied in-house by experienced ATC Finishers.  Perfect for situations that have a lot of natural light coming into the room.

The Flat White oak, The photos relate to a houses in Chepstow, Ledbury and Cardiff.  Ledbury - photos with our glass doors as well - all through downstairs, flooring, skirtings, doors and architrave.  In Chepstow we did the hallway first, which the gorgeous stairs.  Then back to do the lower hall, the dining room - shown here with the white doors - all supplied and fitted by ATC.  Then the main Lounge - in fact we ran out of rooms in the house over the years!  Last but certainly not least this great house in Cardiff with the gorgeous rugs - all specially made to order - after we fitted the flooring, we also ended up restoring a herringbone floor in the entrance.


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