Character Dark Duke

This was a very interesting one for us.  This beautiful house, just outside Monmouth, was fitted throughout the ground floor in gorgeous sustainable solid oak random width boards about 20 years ago.  We first of all fitted the small Lounges and Snug and returned years later to fit the Office and main Drawing Room.  All lovely and golden solid oak - we have popped back over the years to buff up and restore to its original look

Then we got a call to ask us whether we could completely change the colour from oak to a deep dark colour.  To be honest, we hesitated as we were not sure if this was possible and whether the Ebony Osmo oil would look patchy

However, as you can see this worked a treat and just looks like a beautiful dark, exotic Walnut type floor and of course as finished in Osmo oil is very easy to maintain and live with (and change if you require at a later date).

ATC was delighted to be asked back to work in this house which Stephanie just loves - she used to go to parties there with her parents when she was a child, good memories!

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