Pewter Shropshire Stay (z)

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A rustic design of window stay. The leaf like shape once again showcases the high skill set of the "From the Anvil" blacksmiths.

Our pewter finish is elegant and beautifully highlights the texture of the steel. The unique and complex process runs deep into the metal resulting in an unmatched contrast of texture and colour.

Designed to match the shropshire window fastener.

Available in three different sizes.

Supplied with matching wood screws.

Product information


Overall Length: 224mm
Stay Arm: 205mm
Fixing Plate: 54mm x 15mm
Overall Length: 280mm
Stay Arm: 252mm
Fixing Plate: 54mm x 15mm
Overall Length: 325mm
Stay Arm: 300mm
Fixing Plate: 54mm x 15mm
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