Osmo Spray Cleaner 8026


With this innovative cleaning system, the cleaner 'Spray-Fix' is a container (0.75L) ready-filled with a special cleaning dilution which can be easily sprayed directly onto the wooden floor with the touch of a button from the handle. Remove everyday dirt and grime exceptionally using the high quality Active-Fibre Mop, and thanks to natural oils, it prevents the floor from drying out.

  • Ideal for kitchen surfaces and furniture
  • Its prarticylarly recommended for surfaces treated with Osmo TopOil
  • Highly effective cleaning
  • Maintains protected surfaces without wear of treatment
  • Easy to use, simply spray and wipe clean
  • Moisturises the wood's surface to maintain freshness
  • Suitable for domestic and commercial use
  • Ideal for all wooden, varnished, stone, vinyl and PVS surfaces

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