OSMO Post Fix

What are the key features and benefits of OSMOUK Post Fix?

OSMOUK Post Fix is a strong, easy-to-use, and fast-setting solution that comes with endless amounts of key features, including-

•   Two-part component
•   Fills the void between post and hole
•   Easy to use
•   Quickly sets and fast to apply
•   High strength against impacts and shocks
•   Adheres to wood, vinyl, PVC, steel, concrete
and metal posts
•   Waterproof
•   Helps to protect the post against rotting
•   Can be used outside all year round


Suitability of OSMOUK Post Fix:

OSMOUK has specifically designed Post Fix for use with wood, vinyl, PVC, steel, concrete, and metal posts.

Applications include-

•   Fences
•   Garden lights
•   Post boxes
•   Signs
•   Washing lines
•   Bird baths
•   Sports posts, such as basketball hoops and football, tennis, and volleyball nets.

Price from:


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