Large Monkeytail Espagnolette (z)

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These Espagnolette window fasteners are exclusively manufactured by us and offer the traditional look with a very modern application.

They are larger than all of our other espag. handles and are cranked forwards to allow for easier access for bigger hands.

Large locking handles which can be fitted on any modern espagnolette rod or stand-alone centre lock.

They have a 7mm x 70mm spindle and can be locked by way of a grub screw hidden under the handle.

The product is handed and therefore care is to be taken when choosing the correct hand.

Supplied with necessary fixing screws.

Handle Length : 5 1/4 (136mm)
Fixing Plate: 2 1/2” x 1/2” (68mm x 16mm)
Fixing Plate Thickness: 5mm
Fixing Centres 43mm

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