Hand Forged Cabin Hook (z)

These truly beautiful Hand Forged Cabin Hooks come in a variety of sizes making them incredibly versatile. There are just the job for safely holding open doors and windows and also for holding shutters in place.

Available in Black or Pewter and sizes 4″ – 18″.

The Black is a traditional satin Black finish, baked in a high-temperature oven giving it an attractive, durable and corrosion-resistant finish. This finish is low maintenance and is suitable for all types of internal doors, including bathrooms, but we do recommend that it is wiped with a lightly oiled cloth periodically. This will help to remove surface dirt and restore it back to its original condition.

Never use any form of metal cleaner or aerosol spray.

Supplied with matching fixings. The screws supplied are hand finished, so please take care when fixing. Always use a pilot drill and rub screws with candle wax before fitting.


Hook Length: 106mm
Fixing Plates: 52mm x 12mm

Hook Length: 147mm
Fixing Plates: 55mm x 12mm

Hook Length: 203mm
Fixing Plates: 60mm x 14mm

Hook Length: 260mm
Fixing Plates: 67mm x 15mm

Hook Length: 367mm
Fixing Plates: 77mm x 17mm

Hook Length: 413mm
Fixing Plates: 84mm x 20mm

Hook Length: 461mm
Fixing Plates: 87mm x 20mm

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