Arrow Head T Hinge Pair (z)

Arrow Head T Hinge

When opened, a T hinge ha the appearance of a letter T. 

An alternative to butt hinges, T hinges are usually used in conjunction with suffolk latch on traditional plank doors. They can also be used on cupboard doors or kitchen cabinets.

This Blacksmith T hinges are hammered into shape from mild steel using the traditional manufacturing method of an anvil and fire.

Available finishes:

  • Beeswax
  • Black powder coated
  • Pewter Patina
  • and for 18" and 22" External Beeswax

The size of T hinge for your door would traditionally reach 2/3 of the width of the door, but as long it reaches halfway it should carry any door weight.

Gothic Medieval Handforged hinges. This hinge is suitable for any doors from cupboard to heavy doors.


Overall Size: 114mm x 83mm
Fixing Plate: 83mm x 16mm
Hinge Arm: 88mm

Overall Size: 7" x 4" (178mm x 102mm)
Fixing Plate: 4” x 1/2” (102mm x 13mm)
Hinge Arm: 6” (157mm)

Overall Size: 230mm x 110mm
Fixing Plate: 110mm x 24mm
Hinge Arm: 194mm

Overall Size: 12" x 4 3/4" (305mm x 121mm)
Fixing Plate: 4 3/4’’ x 3/4” (121mm x 19mm)
Hinge Arm: 10 1/2” (267mm)

Overall Size: 387mm x 122mm
Fixing Plate: 122mm x 25mm
Hinge Arm: 340mm

Overall Size: 457mm x 127mm
Fixing Plate: 127mm x 25mm
Hinge Arm: 425mm

Overall Size: 562mm x 156mm
Fixing Plate: 156mm x 34mm
Hinge Arm: 502mm


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