Fitting Service

Here are some basic points to ensure that the fitting gets done with as little hassle as possible.  However, if you have any questions please ask:

The room must ALWAYS be dry. Any new plasterwork should be allowed at least two weeks to dry out prior to the timber being introduced.

The timber flooring needs to be introduced on site two weeks before fitting to acclimatise. The room does not need to be cleared out at this stage. ATC will take moisture readings when the wood is delivered. If we are fitting we monitor the situation.

Rooms need to be cleared of all small items ready for fitting of floors.

ATC can help move the larger items of furniture. If a lot of waste, it may be necessary for clients to arrange a skip on site.

If a concrete subfloor needs glazing first (which we will be happy to advise you on) it needs to be done prior to fitting and left overnight to dry.

The timber is either secretly nailed or glued.

ATC will normally recommend that all skirtings are removed in preparation for flooring.

Options for skirting are as follows:

  • a) Existing skirtings re-fitted (if feasible)
  • b) New softwood skirtings fitted left ready for painting (by the client)
  • c) Solid oak skirting fitted to match the floor.

ATC use the latest sanding techniques and equipment for flooring, however dust will occur during the finishing stage ATC generally uses a hardwax oil (either Treatex, Osmo, Bona or Granwax) which provides a very natural, hardwearing and easy to maintain finish. The treatment needs to be left overnight to dry and good ventilation will speed this up.

The following day the floor will need to be de-nibbed (re-sanded) to remove any grain that has lifted. Often this stage is ignored by others. but it is an important part of the process for the final result. The final coat of treatment is applied to the floor.

It is best not to place rugs on a newly sanded floor for about three weeks.

Aftercare details can be found in the appropriate section of the site.

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