The following maintenance procedure is designed to ensure that the beauty of your wooden floor and the quality of workmanship are maintained for as long as possible, thus avoiding unnecessary deterioration of the finish and ultimately the wood itself.

  • Provide a barrier mat between external doors and floors.
  • Do not lay rugs until the finish has fully cured.
  • Keep the floor clean by regular sweeping, keeping grit and stones etc. off the timber (entrance mat should also be cleaned and vacuumed regularly).
  • Protect floor from furniture by using Felt Guard floor protectors.
  • Vacuum regularly or use a Buffing machine for ease.
  • Do not over wash your floor. We would recommend you use the Bona Spray Mop as a regular cleaner - which includes Neutral Ph Cleaner for the floor – and you just spray this on the floor and wipe over with the cloth. Replacement containers of cleaner are available which come in 1L or 4L containers.
  • If the floor starts to look lifeless after a while, revitalise it with Osmo Liquid Wax Cleaner (this can also be applied to worn patches) - you just wipe over with the mop. Will dry in 20 minutes and feeds the floors. Only required occasionally say once a year in Lounge and Bedrooms and say twice a year in Hallway. For floors not finished with Hardwax Oil we stock a range of appropriate maintenance products.
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