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Fungal Attack

Discoloured Wood


Be careful and remember to...

Remember to avoid weathered, worn, rotten and greying wood - treat before it goes too far and beyond recovery.  Wood can easily deteriorate with rain/sun.

Be careful when using products to clean, maintain and treat wood.  Always use a product that will not damage your health and one that does not contain harmful substances

Remember to think about the finishes you use on your wooden everyday items (children's toys, tables & worktops). Make sure your products are saliva and perspiration resistant to protect pets, children & adults from any harmful substances.

Remember that wood frames, decking, fencing, garden furniture, and all exterior wood can decay, get rotten and finally collapse if not treated and maintained.  This can be avoided with the correct, eco-friendly and safe to use products.

If you don't act now, you could be facing with these issues later on


Osmo 420

Clear satin with film protection for exterior wood
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This oil is best for:

Clear, satin, for exterior use
12x UV-Protected (Tested to EN927-6)
Protection against mould, algae & fungal attack
Oil & wax based finishing system
Protects the wood from the inside
Forms a protective, microporous surface

See The Oil In Action

Worn, grey oak transformed
Black moulded wood revitalised
Cedar garden cladding
Sauna house all finished in Osmo
Perfect porch protection
Cladding protected with Osmo 
Protects against mould and UV fading, so the wood stays bright. The oil also acts as a water repellent, so rain runs straight off
Exterior oak wall cladding
Tottenham Hotspur sculpture 
Timber garage doors painted with Osmo 420
External Gates, easy to use and eco friendly Osmo finish
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1 x OSMO Brush 25mm

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1 x OSMO Brush 60mm
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Over the last 18 months, I think I've used five tins of osmo oil on my home rebuild, I've got oak everywhere skirtings, architraves, wardrobes, window surrounds, external doors and other bits of furniture. Started using this after seeing it on YouTube vids and over time I've perfected a way of using it to give a very nice coating. It was a little tricky at first only because I was applying it like other finishes, which this product isn't. The oil is best applied sparing with a brush then rubbed well into the grain, then remove excess with a pad. Great results. Osmo oil has a Lovely sheen and is very hard wearing.

- J. Geelan -

The best wood treatment ever. A truly great product that does everything they say on the tin. I used it to revitalise mahogany window boards that had been varnished and started to blister and fade due to the sun light.
Extremely easy to use leaving no brush marks.

- Gez Roland -

I have used this to protect the newly constructed cratch frame on the bow of my narrowboat. The product covers well and really enhances the appearance of the timber. I applied three coats rubbing down between coats with fine finishing paper then wiping down with sugar soap wipes and I am very pleased with the results. Water simply beads up upon contact and the UV reduction will prevent the rich colour of the timber going grey. It is important to use a good quality brush with this product as has a high build formulation so brush marks from a coarse haired brush will remain otherwise easy to apply. I would highly recommend this product.

- Opinion8 -