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White, Light and Grey

All ATC floors are sustainable, tongue and grooved all four sides and kiln dried - with a guaranteed moisture content of 9-11% to suit all homes. Can be glued, fitted onto battens or floated. Random or regular widths. Engineered (perfect for underfloor heating) or Solid

Choose the grade to suit your home first, then choose the colour you like for us to apply

Smooth Grade - this is much cleaner than Character, less knots. This cleaner grade suits the light, grey, white and black engineered or solid oak floors - if a contemporary/clean look is required

Character Grade - We love this grade - it is how an oak floor should look! There may be cat's paws, flecks and rays in the wood and variation in colour - this is what Character is. Whether engineered or solid you will always get the response "What a beautiful oak floor".  Everyone can relate to this great oak floor

Distressed Grade - This treatment gives a lovely, worn, welcome look. The boards are distressed along the edges by hand, then marked on the face of the boards with chains and nails to make it look as if the oak has been there for a long time.  Works well in both modern and traditional settings, which has surprised us.  It just gives that 'warmth' to new buildings although originally developed for older properties

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Our company name is ATC Traditional Timber Floors and Doors Ltd.
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