Solid Random Welsh Oak

Well it had to be Welsh!  Right in the centre of Cardiff, capital of Wales.  Welsh speaking clients making welsh tv programmes.  The great thing about solid sustainable Welsh Oak is the character it has.  Must be all that rain.  It is a tough oak to fit, as it has been allowed to grow - no sap wood.  Then years of air drying and then finally kiln dried a beautiful looking timber full of cat's paw, rossettes, shakes and loads of character.

We first had to totally fit out a new subfloor then when this was done we were able to secretly nailed down.  In  places we screwed and dowelled the oak, so a great, time honoured, traditional way to fit a traditional floor.  The customers were great and loved the floor so much that they asked us back years later to restore the original oak floor in the entrance hall and then again to work on the stairs.

To use wood coming from the same country doesn't get better.  Hard to fit and even harder to get a perfect finish with hardwax oil but certainly worth all the effort.

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