Solid Dark Random Oak

A truly beautiful stately home but also a loved family home that we have had the enjoyment of working in for many years.

It started with us being asked to fit solid oak flooring in this family Herefordshire home in a small snug/t.v room.  After that further rooms followed a dining room, formal lounge and large study on the ground floor.  Years later we moved upstairs to fit oak and chestnut floors in various rooms.

About ten years after the initial fit ATC was asked to come back and see if we could change the colour of the original floor.  Originally they were finished in natural, clear Osmo oil now the client wanted them changed to a deep, dark colour similar to Walnut.  ATC sanded off all the clear oil then worked in Osmo Ebony colour to give a deep rich colour.  The before and after photos are truly stunning.

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