New Theatre, Cardiff

The New Theatre, right in the centre of Cardiff, capital city of Wales.  This vibrant, historic theatre is a fabulous building and a great night out.  It attractives audiences far and wide - which means lots of footfall.

The audience pile in, out of the welsh rain, shaking their brollies, boots and coats all over the floor.  Lots of them, en masse and instantly.  So a solid oak floor was needed and ATC go in about every two years to clean and buff back - not bad considering the traffic.

The floor is a beautiful welcome to this historic building and all its audience with the name proudly put into the floor - New Theatre - for all to see from every floor.

The New Theatre asked us back years later to work on the stage, first time we have worked on a stage in a theatre, we were happy to do this work whilst buffing up and restoring the main hall floor.  The Manager was so pleased with all the results we ended up doing his home as well.

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