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There is nothing like a beautiful sustainable oak natural oak floor and we will have a floor to suit you - choose between specification, colour, grade and look:


ATC staff are here to answer any questions, full explanations on terms, and to assist you to choose exactly the engineered or solid oak floor that is perfect for you




Always a good variety of widths - so you can have a regular width or a random width board.


Boards can be fitted in regular widths - so all boards exactly the same width, but as natural sustainable engineered and solid European oak, will have a lovely varied and mixed grain throughout.  This is important as you want wood to look like wood!


Alternatively, boards can be fitted in random widths - twenty years ago this is how all flooring was fitted.  You would use all the wood you had and mix the widths.  This gives a very traditional and different look


All boards come in random lengths - but good lengths.  This is the sustainable way!



Choice of thickness - if fitting onto concrete subfloor can have 13mm, 15mm as they do not have to be structural


We also do our boards in 18mm and 20mm thickness - ATC can advise which is best for your project


Good choice of thickness - and again an Expert will help you to see which suits you best




Grades available:

Character, Rustic - for that great lived in, distressed oak, warm and inviting look. Character grade is full of knots, shakes, cat's paw and rosettes to give it that distinct pippy rich oak feel
Smooth, clean - for that clean, light and fresh - or dark comtemporary look, very attractive.  Prime or Select grade is much cleaner less marks, still will have some - a tree is a living product! - and works well with contemporary, cleaner, white, grey oak floors and lighter floors or very dark, rich, black oak floors. 
Smoked and Fumed - just gives that smokey depth to works great with grey and dark
Distressed, aged - looks as if the floor is part of the house
Dragged - old looking natural floors, the saw is dragged over the wood for this effect




Range of colours from White, Light or Grey oak flooring - perfect for that wow factor
Natural, Warm and Welcoming - traditional natural oak range
Rich, Dark and Dramatic - rich, aged and smoked oaks as displayed in this section of the website   


You can decide to have a pure natural colour, warm honey tones or richer and darker shades; to bring out the grain in an engineered or solid sustainable oak floor.  The first coat can be applied at Monmouth in Gwent and then delivered to your home. 

If you cannot make up your mind on colour ATC can fit unfinished and then apply a colour, to suit your particular lighting and home, if this helps. Please note that the oil takes overnight to dry and this will mean that you will lose the room longer.



Not only boards, but we have a vast range of blocks (Parquet) flooring:

Herringbone, Basket, Brick or Chevron pattern blocks
Big long blocks - The 'Amsterdam look' in all colours
Verseilles Panels or Continuous Weave blocks
Chantilly and Petite Jerdi panels
Create and Urban ranges from Ted Todd Flooring
Whatever the look you are trying to achieve, contemporary, clean, natural, traditional, rustic or just different! 


ATC are here to help you decide with all these choices, which is the best for your particular property.  The best way forward is to visit Monmouth or Cheltenham.  ATC is a well established and respected, family run business.  The Founder and Owner - Stephanie Harris - runs the business with her daughter - Scarlett - as her partner. 

You will normally find Stephanie in Monmouth and Scarlett in Cheltenham - both showrooms are backed up by extremely efficient, experienced and helpful staff, so well worth popping in for advice and to see the wood on display.



Monmouth has a bigger selection of flooring - we have more room and afterall this is where all the preparation is done so you are very welcome to see the timber in its raw state and the work we do.  If you cannot make the normal working hours because of work commitments, please just request an evening or weekend appointment in Monmouth and we will be happy to oblige


ATC not only have display but good samples for you to take home and try out in your lighting.  To reduce waste we ask for samples to be returned back to us.  Remember if you are unsure about natural colours we can often fit flooring unfinished and then finish in your home a colour of your choice - but be aware that the oils take overnight to dry and you will lose the room for an additional night


If you bring a measurement with you we can give you an idea of cost.  You can see a lot of the floors we offer and discuss in detail


Solid oak planks are exactly that - oak through and through.  Solid planks have more movement over the seasons, will creak more and have to be treated with respect!  One of the most important things is to make sure that the solid wood is acclimatised for as long as possible and then some more, prior to fitting. I would certainly recommended an experienced Fitter when fitting solid oak boards.  Nowadays, solid oak is more expensive than engineered oak and you cannot tell the difference


Engineered is a quality oak - veneered onto a marine grade ply back.  The trick is to get the engineered oak looking like a thick solid oak floor. We can do this by helping you choose:


Type of grade for your home (Prime, Select, Character, Tavern, Dragged - all explained by us)

The colour you want to suit your home (from bright, smokey and mixed white vintage, rustic and contemporary to natural/warm traditional to black and dark exciting designer floors)...….and with an easy to maintain, easy to live with, hardwearing finish 


It is vital that the engineered oak has been machined to perfection without any short cuts in the manufacturing to save on cost.  ATC would recommend having all the wood tongue and grooved on all four sides - the sides and the ends - just makes for a better fit and afterall we are Fitters.  Otherwise delamination can occur if not correctly machined and you will end up paying twice.  ATC can advice you on this.  Please look for sustainable engineered oak flooring only


You will always needs solid oak for handmade thresholds, framing fireplaces, sections by patio doors, skirtings and to finish off the work


We would recommend using experienced Carpenters for this work, as the end result is always worth it.  It is all down to the finishing touches these can make or break the final look


ATC offer a full supply, fit and finishing service all inclusive price - no hassle, no hidden costs - fully professional work from start to finish.  All our work is guaranteed and carried out by our own in house Carpenters


This is a service we offer throughout Monmouth, Monmouthshire and South Wales, Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, Herefordshire and The Cotswolds


ATC offers a fully refurbishing service and love restoring old floors and bringing them back to their former glory


We carry a range of oils, waxes and finishes available in both shops and online and are more than happy to give advice if you intend to carry out restoration yourself.



If you want references on our work please just ask and we are happy to provide


Look forward to seeing you!